STAr Technologies Showcases Advanced High Power MOSFET and IGBT Dynamic AC Tester at ITC 2016  

The Power Devices Analytical Tester (PDAT) is both a production and characterization - 
AC dynamic test system for high speed, high power MOSFET and IGBT devices.

Carlsbad, CA, USA, November 14, 2016 – The revolutionary test technology in Taurus-PDAT enables manufacturers and end users of power MOSFETs and IGBTs to run dynamic AC tests in both characterization and high volume production. This is a technically-challenging combination, but one that enhances correlation confidence between the engineering lab and the back-end test floor. The PDAT system is specifically designed for a production floor environment where application specific designed DUT cards allow for customization to handlers and probers.

The Taurus-PDAT family’s first offering includes AC dynamic test modes to include: 

• Inductive Switching

• Diode Recovery

• Short Circuit

• Gate Charge

• Unclamped Inductive Load

• Reverse Bias Safe Operating Area

The PDAT system is available with voltage options up to 1,500V, and with short circuit testing up to 2,000A.

Industry-leading high speed switching current slew rates are possible due to the PDAT’s revolutionary integrated current sensor design. The custom high speed current sensor is capable of measuring slew rates up to 10,000 A/µS, with very low parasitic inductance.

Integrated into the Taurus-PDAT system is an active overcurrent detection and rapid circuit breaker for protecting the system and handler sockets in case of catastrophic device failure. Stored energy is managed automatically, and the high-speed custom circuit breaker is employed to remove power from any misbehaving device under test.

Due to the complexity of dynamic power transistor tests, STAr works closely with our users to provide customized sockets, thermal chamber, and probing solutions to ensure that all technical requirements can be met with highest system level performance.  The production software and debug environment draws on over 20 years of the design team’s experience in ATE test. The system is optimized for fast test time, with specialized environments for program development, debug, production operation, handler control, and data analysis. This architecture software further enables engineers to optimize test algorithms and automate test flows as required for either characterization or production needs. The Modular Base System can be customized for specific test requirements optimizing the overall cost of test.

STAr Technologies continues to use our engineering expertise to develop industry-leading technologies. High-powered devices have unique challenges in low parasitic requirements, safety and test integrity. STAr’s PDAT tester addresses these concerns with innovative solutions. 

Dan Hicks, President of STAr US comments: “As the industry requirements for higher powered devices and extremely fast switching capability becomes paramount, 100% production testing is quickly being adopted by leading IDMs. While characterization of these devices for data sheets have long been a requirement, a system allowing for a complete test suite has not been available. STAr’s PDAT not only supplies this test suite for characterization but also ports this capability allowing for production testing of these devices.” 

STAr’s Patented Current Sensor and Safety Technologies protect the Tester, Socket and DUT cards, allowing for a safer, more reliable measuring solution for the IDMs.   

“Our continued investment in these technologies further represents STAr’s commitment to being a leading global supplier for creative, innovative and cost effective solutions”, STAr’s CEO Dr. Choon-Leong Lou stated. “This technology further expands our ATE product range in addition to utilizing our parametric and reliability testing expertise.” 

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