STAr Advanced Interconnect Reliability Qualification Test System  

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C., March 23, 2016 – One of the key challenges in 3D-IC has been the qualification of advanced interconnect technologies for long term reliability. STAr Technologies, a leading semiconductor test system and service provider, has developed a dynamic advanced electromigration (Scorpio-DAEM) reliability test system to address this challenge. The latest in a series of reliability test system, the DAEM test system enables the qualification of advanced interconnect technologies such as nanometer (7nm/10nm) technology silicon processes, through-silicon via (TSV), re-distribution layer (RDL), silicon interposer, micro-bump, etc. for long term reliability.

STAr Scorpio-DAEM is an advance interconnectreliabitliy qualification test system

STAr’s Scorpio-DAEM is a complete integrated package-level and high temperature reliability test system for precision multi-ranging low to high current interconnect electromigration (EM).  This comes with high-voltage inter-metal dielectric time-dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) qualification.  This system enables parallel stressing and testing of interconnect for current from 100nA to 5.0A-dc and breakdown voltage up to 200V.  The qualification can be performed in nitrogen purged thermal chambers at up to 400°C with ceramic-coated steel DUT boards and zero-insertion-force (ZIF) sockets. 

The ultra-low current capability at 100nA enables precise qualification of ultra-fine line width interconnect for process technologies down to 7nm.  The per-DUT high power parametric measurement unit (PMU) supports advanced options such as JEDEC and ASTM compliant isothermal electromigration, SWEAT (standard wafer-level electromigration accelerated test) and BEM (breakdown energy method) can be added for each individual device under tests.  Moreover, optional AC and pulsed stress of variable frequency and duty cycle ratio can also be added to verify the dynamic electromigration lifetime of advanced interconnects. These advanced options enhanced capabilities of the DAEM test system for use in advanced research and engineering studies for future nanometer processes and 3D-IC interconnect technologies.

Scorpio-DAEM is built under its industry de-facto standard software test shell – Sagittarius, which supports dynamic control of test resources with real-time data monitoring and analysis. This platform comprises of master-slave configuration with server-client setting allowing asynchronous parallel testing for each devices under tests. This improves system throughput as well as reducing the cost-of-tests for electromigration reliability qualification. The flexible and fast control loops within each test further put it up for critical applications such as isothermal electromigration and SWEAT.

“STAr offers broad portfolio state-of-the art semiconductor test technologies which enables us to develop advanced turnkey solutions such as the high-current electromigration reliability test system. This high performance DAEM reliability test system enables engineers to qualify existing and develop next generation advanced 3D-IC interconnect technologies with confidence,” said Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies.

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STAr Technologies specializes in advanced test systems, software, probe cards and professional services for the semiconductor industry. STAr’s expertise encompasses parametric electrical tests (E-test), wafer-level and package-level reliability tests (WLR & PLR), analog/mixed signal automatic test equipment (ATE), probe cards, test load boards and IC test sockets. STAr Technologies is established on August 2000 with headquarter based in Hsinchu, Taiwan and subsidiaries in U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China and India.

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